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Current Size: 100%

Jal Power Corporation Limited.

Address : Near St.Francis School, Mazigaon, Jorethang, South Sikkim.  

Name of the Project : 120 MW  Rangit-IV Hydropower Project.

This Project is a Joint Venture Project between the Government of Sikkim and M/s Jal Power Corporation Limited. The Project is being developed on BOOT basis.The State will receive  royalty @12% free power for the  1st 15 years after commissioning of the Project and @15% from 16th to 35th year thereafter the Project will revert back to the State free of cost.

The construction works of the Project are in full  swing. 

Location of the Project:

The Dam of the project is being constructed across Rangit river (upstream of confluence of Reshi Khola and Rangit river) near  Reshi town in West/South Sikkim.

The Powerhouse of the Project is being constructed on the right bank of Rangit river near Rhothak Khola (upstream of confluence of rangit river and Rhothak Khola)

Present status of the Project:

The Project has achieved overall physical progress of around 55%. Works are in full swing at all the sites of the Project. Excavation and lining works of HeaEace Tunnel under progress. Construction of Powerhouse, Dam, Surge Shaft etc are also under progress. 

Expected Commissioning Date of the Project:

The Project is expected to achieve commercial operation by June 2016.