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Current Size: 100%

Lanco Teesta Hydro Power Private Limited.

Address : Rangpo-Gangtok Highway, Mazitar, Rangpo, East Sikkim.  

Name of the Project : 500 MW Teesta Stage-VI Hydropower Project.

The Projet is beindg developed by M/s Lanco Teesta Hydropower Private Limited.  the Project is a Joint Venture Project of the Government of Sikkim and M/s Lanco Teesta Hydropower Private Limited.  The Project  is being developed by M/s Lanco Teesta Hydro Power Project Pvt Limited on BOOT basis. The Government of Sikkim has to infuse 26% equity in the Project.

The State will receive 12 % as royalty from the Project for 1st 15 years after commissioning and thereafter @15% from 16th to 35th year, after which the Project will revert back to State free of cost and in good operating condition.

The Project has achieved progress of more than 46% of construction works. However, presently the construction works of the project has been held up due to fund constraints. 

Location of Project:

The  diversion Barrage of the Project has been constructed across Teesta river (downstream of L.D Kazi Bridge connecting  South and East Sikkim near Singtam town). 2 (two) numbers of Head Race Tunnel running parallel to each other will convey the water form Teesta river to the undergound Powerhouse.

The underground  Powerhouse of the Project is located on the right bank of Teesta river at Thalthaley villagein South Sikkim. 

Present status of the Project:

The Project has achieved overall physical progress of around 50%. The works like excvation and concreting of Barrage, Surge Shaft, etc have been completed. Excavation works under progress for Power House Cavern, Transformer Cavern, Tail Race Tunnel Head Race Tunnel completed.The works of the Project were put on hold due to shortgae of funds and the  works  resumed from january 2014.

Expected Commissioining Date:

The Project is expected to achieve Commercial Operation by May 2016.